This repository contains a collection of introduction slides and bioinf tutorials.
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Introduction to R

Disclaimer: Everything that is being shown and discussed during the workshop is generic and not subject-specific. Please bear with me if the examples that I choose tend to be about sequence data processing.


The workshop will consist of 2 sessions: The first session is focused more on the first steps in R and getting familiar with how R understands data. The second session is about more advanced data handling and scripting. There is also the option to work together on your own data in break-out rooms. To accommodate all participant's availability, each session will be offered twice.

Morning (9-12) Afternoon (13-16)
Mon, 07.03.2022 session 1 break-out
Tue, 08.03.2022 session 2 session 1 (+break-out)
Wed, 09.03.2022 break-out
Thu, 10.03.2022 session 2

Sessions (preliminary)

Session 1:

  • R command line and Rstudio

  • R packages: CRAN, bioconductor, github

  • R data and object types

  • Data and object type conversions

  • Navigating R objects

  • Good coding practice

Session 2:

  • Reading data into R
  • Rearranging R objects
  • Loops
  • Rudimentary data exploration (plots)
  • Saving R objects and writing data to file
  • Writing functions
  • Tidyverse

Course material: