This repository contains a collection of introduction slides and bioinf tutorials.
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Plot()-ing in base R

The workshop will take place in 2 sessions (27.05.2022 9-12 and 31.05.2022 9-12). For session 1 you should each bring a figure to the workshop (or a concrete question about how to best visualize a data set). We will then discuss the pro's and con's of the data visualization and potential improvements depending on whether the figure is intended for a conference presentation or a manuscript. This discussion will be independent of R. Afterwards, I will give a short introduction into the different basic plotting elements in R and how you can use them to customize any figure. For session 2 we can either go through some code examples for figures that I prepared for the purpose of such a workshop. Or (and this will probably be more efficient for you), we will create the figure that you need for your data together. If you have further suggestions for the workshop content, please add them to the issue tracker (#5).