IOW Earth system model

The documentation with a lot of information can be found at

Current test results for various machines can be found at

This component calculates fluxes between the model components on the exchange grid.

Updated 4 weeks ago

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This is the main repository for IOW earth-system model project. Here you will find scripts to build, prepare and run the model. The components of this coupled model will have their own repositiories.

Updated 1 month ago

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This component contains postprocess scripts that can be used to basically validate the model components.

Updated 1 month ago

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This repository contains scripts to test the IOW ESM

Updated 3 months ago

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This is the MOM5 component integrated in the IOW earth-system model.

Updated 3 months ago

This is the repository for the coupler library used in the earth-system model.

Updated 5 months ago