This is the MOM5 component integrated in the IOW earth-system model.
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set -e
source ../../local_scripts/ $target $debug $fast
# component to build
# create component's directory (if not existing)
echo ssh -t "${user_at_dest}" "mkdir -p ${dest_folder}/components/${component}"
ssh -t "${user_at_dest}" "mkdir -p ${dest_folder}/components/${component}"
# deploy the code from local source
echo rsync -r -i -u src ${dest}/components/${component}/.
echo rsync -r -i -u bin ${dest}/components/${component}/.
echo rsync -r -i -u exp ${dest}/components/${component}/.
echo rsync -i -u start_build_${target}.sh ${dest}/components/${component}/
echo rsync -i -u build_${target}.sh ${dest}/components/${component}/
rsync -r -i -u src ${dest}/components/${component}/.
rsync -r -i -u bin ${dest}/components/${component}/.
rsync -r -i -u exp ${dest}/components/${component}/.
rsync -i -u start_build_${target}.sh ${dest}/components/${component}/
rsync -i -u build_${target}.sh ${dest}/components/${component}/
# start the build process
echo ssh -t "${user_at_dest}" "cd ${dest_folder}/components/${component}/; bash -c \"source ~/.bash_profile; source start_build_${target}.sh $debug $fast\""
ssh -t "${user_at_dest}" "cd ${dest_folder}/components/${component}/; bash -c \"source ~/.bash_profile; source start_build_${target}.sh $debug $fast\""
9 months ago
../../local_scripts/ "${target_keyword}" "$debug" "$fast" "$component"