This is the MOM5 component integrated in the IOW earth-system model.
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# Template for IBM xlf and xlc compilers
#typical use with netCDF:
# mkmf -t -c"-Duse_libMPI -Duse_netCDF" path_names /usr/local/include
FC = mpxlf90_r
LD = mpxlf90_r
CC = mpcc_r
NETCDF = /usr/local
FFLAGS = $(CPPFLAGS) -I$(NETCDF)/include -O2 -qalias_size=1207959552 -qmaxmem=256000 -g -d -qsuffix=cpp=F90 -qintsize=4 -qrealsize=8 -qdpc -qextname=flush -qextname=mld_id -qsmp=omp:noauto -qnohot -qsimd=noauto -qnoipa
GFLAGS = $(CPPFLAGS) -I$(NETCDF)/include -O2 -qalias_size=1207959552 -qmaxmem=256000 -g -d -qsuffix=cpp=F90 -qintsize=4 -qrealsize=8 -qdpc -qextname=flush -qextname=mld_id -qsmp=omp:noauto -qnohot -qsimd=noauto
PFLAGS = $(CPPFLAGS) -I$(NETCDF)/include -O0 -qalias_size=1207959552 -qmaxmem=256000 -g -d -qsuffix=cpp=F90 -qintsize=4 -qrealsize=8 -qdpc -qextname=flush -qextname=mld_id -qsmp=omp:noauto -qnohot -qsimd=noauto
QFLAGS = $(CPPFLAGS) -I$(NETCDF)/include -O2 -qalias_size=1207959552 -qmaxmem=256000 -g -d -qsuffix=cpp=F90 -qintsize=4 -qrealsize=8 -qdpc -qextname=flush -qextname=mld_id -qsmp=omp:noauto -qnohot -qsimd=noauto -qfixed
CFLAGS = -I$(NETCDF)/include
LDFLAGS = -L$(NETCDF)/lib -lnetcdf -lmass -qsmp