This repository contains scripts to test the IOW ESM
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Purpose, Description

This is the repository of a testing suite for the IOW ESM framework. It does not perform UnitTests but rather full integration tests that may take some time.



1.00.00 (latest release)

date author(s) link
2023-07-21 SK 1.00.00


  • initial release


  • python3, jupyterbook

known issues

  • if you want to run from a screen, you have to export the TERM environment variable to something reasonable, e.g. export TERM=xterm-256color otherwise ssh asks for hitting Enter all the time

tested with

  • tested from the IOW server phy-10 and a local VM with OpenSUSE
  • tests are running on HLRN machines
  • if setups are available, tests may also run on Haumea and IOW servers
older versions


Where and what to test can be set in the test configuration file, see e.g. test_config.example. You can create your own configuration file as a simple text file with bash syntax. The configuration file will be sourced when the test is running.

In order to run a test, execute in a bash terminal

./ <test_config-file>

The results of a test are summarized in a jupyter book that you can find under report/_build/docs/intro.html. Just open it in a browser of your choice.

With report/ the test result may also be published to github repository with enavled github pages. This is currently existing under