This repository contains scripts to test the IOW ESM
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Purpose, Description

This is the repository of a testing suite for the IOW ESM framework. It does not perform UnitTests but rather full integration tests that may take some time.


Where and what to test can be set in the test configuration file, see e.g. test_config.example. You can create your own configuration file as a simple text file with bash syntax. The configuration file will be sourced when the test is running.

In order to run a test, execute in a bash terminal

./ <test_config-file>

The results of a test are summarized in a jupyter book that you can find under report/_build/docs/intro.html. Just open it in a browser of your choice.

With report/ the test result may also be published to github repository with enavled github pages. This is currently existing under



1.00.00 (in preparation)

date author(s) link
2023-03-01 SK XXX


  • initial release


  • python3, jupyterbook

known issues

  • if you want to run from a screen, you have to export the TERM environment variable to something reasonable, e.g. export TERM=xterm-256color otherwise ssh asks for hitting Enter all the time

tested with

  • tested from the IOW server phy-10 and a local VM with OpenSUSE
  • tests are running on HLRN machines
  • if setups are available, tests may also run on Haumea and IOW servers