This repository contains scripts to test the IOW ESM
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# if from_scratch is true, main_dir will be reoved before the test and on the target a rebuild is triggered,
# thus nothing locally and remotely is prepared
# directory where the code will be stored (can be relative to the directory where the script is)
# source of the code
# can be a path to the root directory (absolute or relative to test directory)
# or a name of a branch existing in like e.g.
# Note that if src is not an existing directory it is assumed to be a branch name
# user-specific settings
# setups that will be tested in format of the usual SETUPS file
setups="hlrng_example mvkkarst@glogin:/scratch/usr/mviowmod/IOW_ESM/setups/example/1.00.00
hlrnb_example mvkkarst@blogin:/scratch/usr/mviowmod/IOW_ESM/setups/example/1.00.00"
# destination
destination="hlrng mvkkarst@glogin:/scratch/usr/mvkkarst/test_area
hlrnb mvkkarst@blogin:/scratch/usr/mvkkarst/test_area
phy-10_hlrng_example_sync karsten@phy-10:/silod8/karsten/test_area/hlrng_sync
phy-10_hlrnb_example_sync karsten@phy-10:/silod8/karsten/test_area/hlrnb_sync"
module load miniconda3
# necessary steps for first time
#conda create --name jupyterbook
#conda activate jupyterbook
#conda install -c conda-forge jupyter-book
#pip install pyppeteer
#pip install pdf2image
eval "$(conda shell.bash hook)"
conda activate jupyterbook