Scripts corresponding to the applications in the article "A Novel Eulerian Reaction-Transport Model to Simulate Age and Reactivity Continua Interacting with Mixing Processes."
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Scripts corresponding to the applications in the paper are contained in this folder.

Application 1: PDE_and_Particles_sim.R
Application 2: ContinuousG_OrgMin.R
Application 3: AgingOMApp/main_app3_agingmodel.R

The scripts for the first two scripts can be run after installing the packages that are listed in the first lines.

For the third application, the C-code ./AgingOMApp/C/assymheavi.c needs to be compiled. Asumming that the GNU Scientific Library has been installed on a Unix-type system (e.g., Linux and macOS), it can be done by running the scripti (or wih the terminal command: R CMD SHLIB assymheavi.c -lm -lgsl). Then open main_app3_agingmodel.R and change the working directory [line 6: setwd("...")] to the correct path, and the script can be run in R.

All scripts were tested in R version 4.2.2 Patched (2022-11-10 r83330).